Partner with us

We at image love to work and partner with Churches. The issues that image address can often be hard for Christians to grasp and work through. We offer to come into churches, meet with leaders, or speak at a church event and talk through the work that image does, and assist the church in how to address these issues.

Churches can help host our Training Courses and send volunteers on our courses. A church can also become a satellite centre for image once they have completed the training course.

Pray with us: Why not join us in praying regularly by signing up to our newsletters or following our Image News Network and Prayer Blog. We are also more than happy to come and run a prayer evening at your church.
We also run a National Day of Prayer each year on the 27th October.
Please also see our Prayer Guide.

Support Image. Help us by encouraging Volunteers to come and serve in the services we provide, whether on the Pregnancy Helpline, in our office or serving on the family services team. 

Giving. Please see our Donate page if you would like to support us in this way.

If you would like to know more or have one of our team contact you please head over to our news letter and signup page.