02 Jun 2019

a) Pregnancy Counselling Skills - As the Pregnancy Counselling Skills courses in Manchester
and Congleton come to an end in July, there are already a number of these courses being
planned for the autumn (more details on the image website)
Sifra in Spain are planning a course in Salou to start on 13-14 September. Please pray for them:
that there will be enough trainees signed up to justify running the course, and that the work would
be strengthened through it. Pray, too for the Sifra team as this will be the first course that they have
taught together.
The Lighthouse Centre, Chelmsford are planning a course to start on September 28. This will be
running with three trainers and strengthening the work there.
Options Wimbledon are running a course, starting October, in Streatham in order to expand the
pregnancy work into this area. Pray for them and for experienced pregnancy workers to consider
training to become an image trainer in London.
b) Post-abortion/ child loss training will be starting in Congleton on September 14.
c) Training Trainers course. This is a residential weekend in Birmingham (Friday to Sunday)
for those who want to join or start a training team to deliver Image courses in their area of
the country. Please pray that the teams that need to strengthened will be led to the right
people to invite onto the course.