Shining a light on the millions spent from the UK's international aid budget on abortion

05 Jan 2019

Over the year, we [Right to Life UK] have been working to expose the enormous amount of international aid funding that is going from the UK to provide abortion services in developing countries.

This work has focused on putting pressure from within Parliament on the Department for International Development on this issue. We have also helped raise the issue in the mainstream media so that the wider public is aware of the negative impact that this spending is having in developing countries.

The biggest single donor to international abortion giant Marie Stopes International is the UK taxpayer - through the UK international aid funding that is given to the organisation each year.

In late November, Marie Stopes International was banned from performing abortions by the Kenyan Government following allegations that it was performing illegal abortions. This has now been followed by Niger, which has closed clinics in the country, following allegations that the organisation has been performing illegal abortions.

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