Review of 2018

01 Jan 2019

2018 had its fair share of disappointing news stories regarding life issues. Following the abortion referendum in Ireland in May, unborn babies are no longer be protected by law and pro-life doctors are currently fighting for their right to not be forced to perform or refer for abortions. Here in the UK there was a large scale attack on peaceful vigils and offers of help outside abortion clinics and individual boroughs continue to attempt to set up buffer zones around abortion clinics. Attention was also brought to how large amounts of UK tax payer money is being used to fund abortions on the African continent, in some countries illegally. Another concerning development was the Government’s approval of a plan that will allow women in England to take the second of the two pills in a medical abortion at home and so go though an abortion without medical supervision.

However, there was also some good news and below, shared with permission from Right to Life UK, are five significant victories of 2018.
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