Record low birth rates in England and Wales

12 Aug 2019

Alongside the release of record high abortion statistic numbers comes the news that birth rates in England and Wales have hit a historic low, the lowest since birth rate records began 80 years ago.

In an article 'Without children the future holds no hope' on the author comments on this decline: "But economics and social considerations aside, the human race is designed to have children. Biologically, one of our strongest drives is connected to our reproductive capacity – our bodies and brains are constantly urging us to consider pairing up with the opposite sex. Psychologically, having children is central to humanity’s emotional well-being. One problem is that this is a drive that too many of our political leaders have rejected. An astonishing number in the West are childless themselves. P D James’s novel Children of Men is set in a world where fertility has suddenly stopped and no more children are born. It quickly becomes clear that hope depends on future generations. James writes: ‘It was reasonable to struggle, to suffer, perhaps even to die, for a more just, a more compassionate society, but not in a world with no future where, all too soon, the very words “justice,” “compassion,” “society,” “struggle,” “evil,” would be unheard echoes on an empty air.’ To have children is to have hope for the future. To cease is to despair, to decide humanity is not worth it. It is not clear that our political masters understand this basic matter of theology and humanity. (the above excerpt is taken from

Kathy Gyngell, co-editor of the Conservative Woman website, has said: ‘These figures appear to herald a long-term decline in numbers of babies....This is a tribute to the power of feminism, which has persuaded politicians that the only value a woman has is in the labour force and that there is no value in marriage and the domestic sphere....Woman are now put off from having children by the tax system and by the constant pressure to stay at work. This is a social disaster.’ (As quoted by Daily Mail)