Record-high abortion numbers for 2018

14 Jun 2019

On 13th June the Department of Health released abortion statistics for 2018. The statistics show a record number of abortions for England and Wales totalling 205,295 which is a 4% increase from 2017. In addition, Scotland had 13,286 abortions last year, a 10-year high.

Liz Parsons, Head of Advocacy at Life Charity said: "The number of abortions has been increasing year on year as the abortion lobby has pressed for easier access. With each one of these abortions representing a personal crisis for a woman it is high time we put the reins on the abortion industry and stop this tragic situation. We expect that if the abortion lobby gets its way to tamper with the Offences Against the Persons Act and remove all legal restrictions on abortion, we will see an even more significant and alarming increase at the end of this year. The 2018 statistics showed 39% of the women who had abortions had one or more previous abortions. These repeat abortions show that the abortion industry’s conveyor belt is not solving women’s problems but perpetuating them. What we are seeing here is that every day there are 550 lives lost and over 550 women in crisis; women who deserve better than abortion and their unborn children who should be allowed to live. For nearly five decades, Life has provided both counselling and practical support for women in crisis. We know the immense difference this can make and we encourage increased emphasis in this area, not increased pressure to have abortions. Every abortion ends the life of an unborn child and with 9 million abortions since 1967 we must and we will stand against attempts to remove all impediments to the ending of unborn human life. We will do this by providing a voice for the unborn and the care and support which women in crisis need and deserve.” (As quoted by Life Charity)