Prime Minister under fire for abortion pledge

01 Nov 2018

Prime Minister Theresa May has been strongly criticised for her £200 million pledge which will fund family planning services in Africa and Asia.

Mrs May announced the creation of the Women’s Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) programme during her recent visit to Kenya. The programme states that it will "target women and girls in rural and poor communities who have traditionally been hardest to reach, will provide mobile clinics and contraceptive materials such as pills, condoms and implants.” (As quoted by LifeNews). Although the programme is said to provide contraceptives, substantial sums of foreign development money has been given to Marie Stopes International (a UK- based organisation that works in 37 countries around the world) whose main business is providing abortions.

During the past five years, MSI has been in receipt of more than £200 million from the Department for International Development (DFID) since 2013, this in spite of the fact that 65 per cent of the British public are against taxpayer money being spent on abortions overseas.

Culture of Life Africa President Obianuju Ekeocha says spending money from the West on contraception and abortions in order to reduce poverty in Africa actually causes more harm than good. She has tweeted: “There is so much damage on African women by western- donated contraceptive drugs and devices, to the point of human rights abuse”. She has also challenged the notion that overpopulation is a problem for the poorest parts of Africa saying: "No, their most crushing problems are lack of: Good governance, Education, Employment, Food & Water, Security, Stability.” (As quoted by Christian Institute). She has also recently made a film called ‘Strings Attached’ which reveals how UK overseas aid is being used to fund a fast- growing abortion industry in Africa which brings destruction to the lives of women, girls and unborn babies. The film premiered at the House of Commons on Tuesday 16th October and the event was hosted by SPUC and sponsored by Mary Glindon, Labour MP.

Philippa Taylor, Head of Public Policy at Christian Medical Fellowship, has said "If the UK government really wants to reduce maternal mortality they need to provide resources targeting the causes of 90% of maternal mortality: literacy, maternal health care, trained birth attendants, obstetric care, sanitation and clean water.  It is medically and morally unacceptable to divert resources from interventions that are proven to reduce maternal mortality to the provision of abortion, under the guise of ‘decreasing unsafe abortion’." (As quoted by stories/2018/october/parliament- launch- of- strings- attached unmet- need- for- contraception- and- abortion- in- the- developing- world/ may- slammed- african- family- planning- pledge/ prime- minister- theresa- may- pledges- 200- to- promote- abortion- worldwide/