Pregnancy Helpline

01 Dec 2018

Here are some comments from women who completed our STEP BY STEP programme in 2018 following abortions:

“When I arrived on the programme I never thought I would feel so lifted, not carrying such a load of emotions on my shoulder. It has helped me massively as I now think very differently ...and even have more energy to enjoy life.”

“I don't think I really could have imagined getting to the place I am in now....I can move forward now with my life and actually enjoy and look forward to things again without feeling guilty and sad all of the time.' 'Great programme and you've really helped me.”

“Thank the Lord for this service. Please continue your amazing work. There is nothing like this available to women who regrettably have abortions.”

Praise God that, following a recent talk in a Manchester church, we now have some more volunteers for image's FAMILY SERVICES, and we thank God that He has restored our worker who was ill.