New NICE guidelines ease access to abortions

30 Sep 2019

In September, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published new guidelines regarding abortion access. On its website it states: "This guideline covers care for women of any age (including girls and young women under 18) who request an abortion. It aims to improve the organisation of services and make them easier for women to access. Detailed recommendations on conducting abortions at different gestational stages are also included, to ensure that women get the safest and most effective care possible." (As quoted by NICE)

Life Charity has commented on these guidelines stating that they will result in more women being rushed through abortions in the interest of saving money:
"Throughout the draft guidelines, NICE insisted on economising in order for resources to be channelled back into new referrals, feeding an abortion conveyor-belt culture. It is likely this will increase the already sky-high abortion rate in the UK, putting vulnerable women at risk.
Life’s Head of Advocacy Liz Parsons, said: “We are truly disappointed that all of the safety and ethical concerns we raised in our consultation response were entirely ignored. The guidance promotes dangerous practice, such as:
* “Telemed” consultations which would be ineffective at identifying vulnerable patients.
* Scaling back doctor involvement in the abortion procedure whilst simultaneously encouraging patients to take powerful abortion drugs in a non-clinical setting.
* Not providing routine follow-up appointments for women who have aborted at home, despite risks of incomplete abortions or abnormal bleeding.
Life is also seriously concerned by the lack of independent counselling, prior to abortion, and the trivialisation of the impact abortion can have on mental health. For all its talk about being rigorous and objective, NICE directs doctors to tell women abortion won’t damage their mental health. For almost half a century our counselling and skilled listening services have been helping women deal with intense emotional and psychological issues following abortion. Trivialising mental health cannot be in the best interests of women.
Abortion business will financially benefit at the expense of vulnerable women. In 2018 we saw a 10 year high in the number of abortions being performed in England and Wales. Why do we need more abortions? Abortion providers already rake in more than £100 million in taxpayer money annually – this guidance is a dream come true for the abortion industry.
We urge the Department of Health not to implement these radical guidelines which will jeopardise women’s health, increase the number of abortions annually, and line the pockets of the abortion industry”. (As quoted by LIFE)