Multiple attempts to impose abortion on Northern Ireland and introduce an extreme abortion law in England/Wales have failed

03 Jan 2019

Over the last year, there have been a number of attempts in Parliament to impose abortion on Northern Ireland and introduce an extreme abortion law in England and Wales.

At each of these stages, we [Right to Life UK] have faced a large lobbying programme in Parliament from pro-abortion organisations, media coverage and mobilisation of pro-abortion supporters to pressure MPs to vote for these proposals.

At each of these attempts, we have worked to mobilise a large group of pro-life MPs, and those who are willing to join us in voting against these proposals. We have also secured widespread mainstream media coverage highlighting the issues with the proposals and the positive pro-life alternatives. A special thanks here has to go to the thousands of our supporters who have mobilised to lobby their MPs in person, over the phone and via email.

This has presented an opportunity for the Commons to hear key pro-life messaging and have pro-life MPs speak out on these issues in Parliament and in the media.

In October, Diana Johnson's Ten Minute Rule Bill, gained a majority at first reading, but as expected, failed to pass at a second hearing and has very little chance now of going further.

The abortion lobby will be back next year though. They will be using any opportunity they can to bring their proposals forward again. They have also made it very clear that they will be bringing forward an amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill which is expected to come before Parliament later in the year. This will require a very large amount of work to defeat.