Mayor of London voices support for abortion

20 Jun 2019

In a video produced for Elle UK, Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London has exploited President Donald Trump’s recent visit to the UK to promote his pro-abortion views.
In the video he addresses Mr Trump saying: "What we've seen in the USA is a rolling back of the reproductive rights of women. We've got a situation now in the USA as some states are making it almost impossible for women to have the right to have an abortion. One only has to look at the history books to realise the consequences of women not having the right to choose over their own body. What we can't afford to do is return to back street abortions. We can't afford to see a return to the situation in yesterday-decades where you had women having no control over their bodies." (

It is not the first time the Mayor has voiced support for abortion. In a letter dated 10th May to Chair of Abortion Rights Kerry Abel, he wrote: "Thank you for your letter about the March for Life, anti-abortion protest, which is due to take place in London on Saturday 11th May 2019. I have a long-standing history of supporting the right of women to have an abortion, and I fully back the message and aims behind your countermarch – March for Choice. The right to have an abortion must be safeguarded as I believe women must be trusted to make their own decisions about their own bodies." (As quoted by Abortion Rights)