Lord Alton - speaking up for life for 40 years

20 Jun 2019

40 years ago, on Friday 29th March, Lord Alton entered into Parliament as an MP in the House of Commons. Below is an excerpt from an article 'Lord Alton – 40 years of tirelessly championing a better world for the next generation, both born and unborn' posted by Right to Life on 18th June 2019:

 "Throughout his time in Parliament, Lord Alton has relentlessly championed the cause of the unborn and women facing crisis pregnancies.
After 40 years of championing this issue, Lord Alton continues to work relentlessly to promote the pro-life cause in Parliament. Our Westminster team have the honour of being able to work directly with Lord Alton on a regular basis. He is the key driver of pro-life activity in the House of Lords, inspiring a large group of Peers to join him on championing the rights of the vulnerable on this vitally important issue.
He is a role model and mentor to the next generation of key pro-life MPs that we support in the House of Commons, including many of the members of the All Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group
His impact on life issues goes well beyond Parliament. For example, he has spoken in public meetings, schools, universities and churches on life issues to literally hundreds of thousands of people during his 40-years in Parliament.
Our Westminster team recount that they often ask their key allies both in Parliament and out the same question: “how did you first get involved and become passionate about this issue”? More often than not they come back with a similar story: the person went along to a talk by Lord Alton at their school/university/church and had been inspired to take action and become involved with the pro-life cause. He opened their eyes to the truth on this important issue, and they have never looked back!
Thank you Lord Alton on 40 years of service, tirelessly championing a better world for next generation, both born and unborn. Here’s to another 40!" (the above except is from