Glasgow Students for Life win fight for affiliation

16 Apr 2019

Glasgow's student union has stated that a pro-life student society will be allowed to officially affiliate after having first been denied affiliation. Glasgow Students for Life (GSL) originally applied to the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) for affiliation back in October 2018. They were denied permission the following month but that has now been deemed as breaching equality law.

President of Glasgow Students for Life, Grace Deighan, commented the decision saying: "We are grateful that the SRC have decided to affiliate Glasgow Students for Life and we look forward to starting a conversation on campus. We intend to hold lectures and debates, discussing issues such as abortion, euthanasia, IVF treatment and other contentious bioethical issues. The group’s intention is one that is primarily academic, and given that there are other pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia groups affiliated to the SRC, we believe that it is only fair for the pro-life argument to have a place at the despatch box." (As quoted by SPUC)

The University of Birmingham’s Students’ Guild has stated: "The pro-life group at the Guild was officially approved after a considered discussion between the students proposing to establish the group and the Guild’s Student Groups Executive. The group was approved on the condition that they work with members of staff in the Guild to develop their constitution in order to help them run their events safely and to mitigate potential risks to other students running activities on campus......The Guild recognises the right of all students to express freedom of speech within the law and will continue to be the home of discussion and debate for different views and opinions.” (As quoted by The Independent)