Edinburgh rejects buffet zone proposal

16 Apr 2019

Edinburgh City Council has rejected plans to prohibit vigils outside abortion clinics. Following a inquiry that failed to show that these peaceful vigils cause any significant distress, the council abandoned proposals to implement buffer zones around abortion facilities.

Patricia Maclennan, who organises peaceful vigils in Edinburgh said: "We are so grateful to the council and the NHS for respecting our right to freely pray. We have been offering support, love and compassion for more than eleven years and in that time, we have never been anything put peaceful and respectful in our behaviour." (As quoted by SPUC)

Elizabeth Parsons, Head of Advocacy at Life Charity wrote to the City of Edinburgh Council commending them saying amongst other things: "It is good to know that there are still some councils which have the courage to stand up for freedom of expression in the face of mounting pressure from the abortion lobby to stifle the prolife voice. Our charity which offers practical support to pregnant women in crisis was forcibly ejected from a country fair last year.  Shutting down the prolife voice often means vulnerable women in crisis pregnancies are not aware of the support that there is available to them if they choose to carry on with their pregnancy. I therefore commend your council for doing what is right by women and rejecting the vociferous demands from the abortion lobby to ban vigils outside abortion clinics in Edinburgh." (As quoted by Life)