Assisted suicide defeated on Guernsey and continued strong opposition at Westminster

04 Jan 2019

We [Right to Life UK]  have taken the strategy, media and digital expertise that we built up from working with a large group of allies to defeat the Marris assisted suicide bill in 2015, to continue to ensure assisted suicide is not legalised.

The decisive win in 2015 has meant that it has been difficult for the assisted suicide lobby to bring forward legislation on this issue. They have therefore been working quietly behind the scenes to try and grow their numbers ahead of another attempt in coming years. During 2018 we have focused on defensive work in Westminster to help limit their advance.

The assisted suicide lobby has also attempted to gain momentum by targeting Guernsey to change the law there. In May proposals were brought forward to the Guernsey parliament seeking to introduce assisted suicide.

We [Right to Life UK] worked with a large group of key people in Guernsey, providing the political strategy and media expertise we have built up over the years of fighting assisted suicide in Westminster, to support their campaigning.

The proposals were overwhelmingly defeated at the Guernsey parliament by 24 votes to 14.