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Changes to image

In 2010, following advice on the Charity Commission website, the trustees of image decided to start a new charity called image and pregnancy helpline. This new charity would be a company limited by guarantee and not having share capital.  After a lengthy process the new charity has been established and image has been incorporated into this.


On 30th September 2011, image was dissolved as an unincorporated charity.   Image and pregnancy helpline will continue to fulfil all aspects of service an by image and we will continue to operate under the name of image.   

Contact details remain the same but our Charity Commission charity number has changed  to 1141832 and our company number is 7480065.

Bank details are: account number 51551493,

         clearing code 40-25-23,

         account name image and pregnancy helpline.

         HSBC, Market Place, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 2QW

Our objects

The change has given us opportunity to expand our objects to better reflect our growing work.  

The objects of image and pregnancy helpline are

(1) To preserve and protect the good health both mental and physical of parents, young people and children.

(2) To relieve the poverty, sickness and distress of pregnant women and those suffering with pregnancy loss,                  including termination.

(3) To promote education and research in the subject of pregnancy and termination of pregnancy and into its                 effects on women, whether physical, medical, psychological or social.

(4) To educate young people to develop a sense of responsibility in regard to sexual behaviour with the aim of                  preventing unwanted pregnancies.

(5) To promote the Christian faith and advance the education of the public in particular by providing literature,                   training, counsel and help with a view to recognising the sanctity of human life.