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Image Response to issues concerning image in the EFC report

The pro-abortion organisation Education For Choice (EFC), a project of Brook, has produced a report which is highly critical of Crisis Pregnancy Centres (CPCs).1 Image is mentioned in the report and we would like to address issues that are raised.

Our core ethos

Apart from a word omission in one of our fact sheets2, EFC levelled no specific criticism at image but the implication is that they take exception to our core ethos.  Image is open about being a Christian organisation concerned with abortion since we “value people from beginning to end.”  As such, prayer is core to who we are and what we do.  We seek to engage the church through education and organise a national day of prayer about abortion.

Our services

Our services extend to people from all beliefs and backgrounds.  Our beliefs inform our boundaries - we do not refer for abortion and clients know this when they make an appointment.  However, our beliefs also inform our attitude to the client – non-judgemental and non-coercive.  Our workers are trained in counselling skills and work within the ACC Ethics and Practice framework.3 Workers receive regular supervision from a qualified counselling supervisor. We contract with the client so that they understand the above and that any decision making is their own. 

Our charitable objects

The EFC report quotes part of our charitable objects, “Promote the Christian faith”, out of context.  This may be misleading because it may give the impression that we use our position to prey on vulnerable people and indulge in predatory evangelism. This is not the case. The way that we aim to promote the Christian faith is to demonstrate love and compassion in our support work; and to speak about the sanctity of human life and the help that women need with unplanned pregnancies in our education work (which is mainly carried out in churches).

Since quoting  phrases out of context, as EFC have done, may be misleading we list the full set of image charitable objects:

(1) To preserve and protect the good health both mental and physical of parents, young people and children.

(2) To relieve the poverty, sickness and distress of pregnant women and those suffering with pregnancy loss, including termination.

(3) To promote education and research in the subject of pregnancy and termination of pregnancy and into its effects on women, whether physical, medical, psychological or social.

(4) To educate young people to develop a sense of responsibility in regard to sexual behaviour with the aim of preventing unwanted pregnancies.

(5) To promote the Christian faith and advance the education of the public in particular by providing literature, training, counsel and help with a view to recognising the sanctity of human life.

Inaccuracies in the EFC report relating to image

The report states, “Image has strong links with Care Confidential”.  This is no longer true. Image is no longer part of the Care Confidential network.  Although, until recently, we had been affiliated to Care Confidential we have always operated as an autonomous organization.

The report wrongly attributes responsibility for other centres to image when each centre is autonomous. There is an incorrect statement that a Manchester Care Confidential centre is affiliated with image.

The report implies that our work at Styal prison involves Crisis Pregnancy help whereas the focus of our support in Styal prison is for child loss (including child loss through abortion).


2 “surgical abortion” should have read ”surgical or medical abortion” in our abortion factsheet. This has now been corrected.