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January 2018

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Commemoration of 50 Years of Abortion

On the morning of the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act, representatives from pro-life groups from across the UK gathered outside the Palace of Westminster to commemorate the final passage of the Abortion Act 1967. At 11:05am on the 27th of October 1967 Royal Assent for the Bill was declared by the Speaker of the House of Commons so a minute’s silence was held from 11:04-11:05. Lord Alton of Liverpool, a human rights campaigner spoke at the event saying: “With courage, with integrity, with a passion for the best principles of our civilisation firing our efforts, let us rededicate ourselves to making sure that by the time the centennial commemoration of the Abortion Act is marked, our society will be one in which human equality and dignity is so fully respected and protected, that the violence of abortion will be consigned to where every human abuse and cruelty ultimately belongs: in the dustbin of our history…..We mourn today the failures of our society in capitulating to the hopelessness and cruelty of industrialised death. Yet we steel ourselves to work for the day when we succeed in establishing a lasting justice and a true peace.

May our indignant sorrow today be outdone by courageous hope, and may our current and future efforts secure a Britain in which those who succeed us are able to celebrate the ultimate and glorious triumph of human life”.  Read more …….

Launch of SPUC report on Abortion and Women’s Health

On the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act, SPUC released Abortion and Women's Health, a fully referenced review about the impact of abortion on women. The review is based on global research and presents a number of physical and mental health problems linked to abortions. The research was carried out by Dr Gregory Pike, a medical researcher and the Founding Director of the Adelaide Centre for Bioethics and Culture. 

Some of the key findings from the report are:

Vigils outside abortion clinics under attack

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has commissioned a detailed assessment of protests outside abortion clinics following allegations of harassment and intimidation. Ms Rudd has stated: "While everyone has a right to peaceful protest, it is completely unacceptable that anyone should feel harassed or intimidated simply for exercising their legal right to healthcare advice and treatment. The decision to have an abortion is already an incredibly personal one, without women being further pressured by aggressive protesters. Let me be clear, this review is about ensuring the police, healthcare providers and local authorities have the right powers to protect women making these tough decisions. But this isn’t to kick the issue into the long grass. The review will collect the detailed evidence and firm recommendations that allow us to take the right action to tackle this problem."

The announcement seems to have come in response to MP Rupa Huq's campaign to remove protesters and vigils from outside abortion clinics.

Antonia Tully from SPUC commented on the announcement saying: "The misleading and inflammatory terms used by Amber Rudd to announce the Home Office review are likely to prejudice its outcome and result in vulnerable women being denied vital information which, almost every day, leads a woman to rethink or decide against having an abortion."

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