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November 2017

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The RCOG votes to decriminalise abortion

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has voted to support the decriminalisation of abortion. Alongside the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Midwives, the RCOG will now lobby Government for a change in the current Abortion law. The vote was taken by 33 senior council members despite the RCOG having 14,000 members, fellows and associates. Prior to the vote a letter was signed by more than 650 doctors objecting to RCOG president Lesley Regan's extreme position on abortion and also to the members' lack of participation in this important vote.  Read more …….

High Court rejects right to die challenge

A legal challenge to section 2 of the 1961 Suicide Act presented by a Motor-neurone sufferer has been rejected by The High Court. Mr Noel Conway, 67, wanted a doctor to be allowed to provide him with a lethal dose to assist him in ending his life when his state of health worsens. His lawyers were backed by Dignity in Dying and Humanists UK and they argued that the current ban on assisted suicide and euthanasia breaches Mr Conway's human rights.

The judges concluded that Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 (Right to respect for private life) is a qualified right but not an unlimited one. It does not include the obligation of the state to provide a lethal dose to a person to assist them in ending their life.

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Battle over free speech outside abortion clinic

Councillors in the London borough of Ealing have backed a proposal to hinder pro-life groups from protesting outside a Marie Stopes abortion clinic in the borough, the first ban of its kind. The motion was brought forward by Councillor Binda Rai who claimed the ban would allow women to access "legal healthcare without intimidation". Read more …..

New proposal for organ donation opt out

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced plans to launch a public consultation on how to increase rates of organ donation. The consultation will include a proposal of a new system where unless a person has chosen to opt out it will presumed that his or her organs can be used for transplants.  Read more ……

Who’s funding Ireland’s abortion lobby?

Numerous international groups are trying to influence Ireland into legalising abortion. The great and the good internationally have a big interest in the outcome of Ireland’s looming abortion referendum, planned for next year. They want Irish voters to erase from their constitution the so-called Eighth Amendment, which gives the unborn child the same right to life as every other human being.  Read more ……..

Complaints over Both Lives Matter Billboard rejected

The British Advertising Standards Authority has rejected complaints about a billboard campaign arguing that 100,000 more people are alive in Northern Ireland because its abortion laws are more restrictive than those in Britain.

In January this year the Both Lives Matter organisation ran two billboards in the North stating, “100,000 people are alive today because of our laws on abortion. Why change that?” The billboards were placed in Belfast and Derry.

This prompted 14 complainants who contended that the claim was misleading and could not be substantiated.  Read more …..