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September 2017


National Day of Prayer About Abortion

A National Day of Prayer about abortion is held each year on 27th October, the anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act; this year marks the 50th anniversary.

On the day, can you organise a joint prayer meeting in your town? Can you arrange to pray with your church? Can you pray with your home group or youth group? Can you arrange to pray with friends? Will you pray at home?

Resources will be available from the beginning of October at


Commemorating 50th Anniversary of the Abortion Act 1967

CARE is organising a major gathering at the Emmanuel Centre in Central London on Saturday 28th  October to commemorate the 50th Anniversary, to pray about the loss of life, to stand with women who have been affected by abortion and to redouble efforts to prevent further liberalisation of abortion.

It will be an afternoon of prayer, worship and remembrance. Care believe this will be a moving and significant occasion. A time of reflection and a time of mobilising for the future. “We cannot stay silent at this time. We must speak out boldly, but with gentleness and grace. We must never forget that women do not make this choice without experiencing pain and regret. Both lives matter.”

There will be contributions from Lord Alton, Nola Leach, Celia Bowring, Fiona Bruce MP, Noel Robinson and Elsa Harris.

To book free tickets visit http://care.org.uk/event or call 020 7233 0455.  An offering will be held on the day.