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July 2017

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BBC addresses impact of abortion on men.

When the Abortion Act was passed in 1967 it was stated that as long as the termination was supported by two doctors it was to be the woman's choice alone and not to be in any way influenced, in the law at least, by any male partner. The role of men was discussed as part of the debate back then but any amendments to make it a requirement for men to be consulted were all rejected. Men continue to be sidelined in abortion decisions and the topic of how men are affected by abortion is often closed and taboo.  Read more………

Unborn babies still to be protected in Northern Ireland

Unborn babies in Northern Ireland will continue to be protected from liberal abortion laws, as a result of a victory in the UK Supreme Court. The Supreme Court voted three to two to reject an appeal for women in Northern Ireland to have access to free abortions in England funded by the NHS. Read more………

Sex education linked to teen pregnancies

There have recently been calls for RSE, relationships and sex education, to be made compulsory in schools but a new study shows that more sex education actually leads to higher rates of teenage pregnancy. In areas where there have been cuts to public expenditure on sex education and birth control, teenage pregnancy rates have dropped and interestingly the biggest decrease has been in areas where the teenage pregnancy budget was cut the most. Read more………

Joyous March for Life 2017 despite rain and protesters

On 20th May hundreds of people descended on Victoria Square in Birmingham for the annual LifeFest and March for Life. It was a joyous gathering with inspiring speakers, live worship music and stalls representing pro-life initiatives around the UK and Ireland. This year marks 50 years since the Abortion Act, and so the theme for this year's March was "50 years too long, 8.7 million lives too many". Read more………