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September 2017


African pro-life leader challenges Western cultural supremacy

Nigerian founder of the pro-life group 'Culture of Life Africa' Obianuju Ekeocha has responded to the recent Family Planning Summit in London by saying that western countries are acting as “old colonial masters” with a spirit of “cultural supremacy” as they push to impose abortion on African nations against their will (as quoted by Christian Institute). She says that no African country is crying out for the legalisation of abortion and yet western nations are spending large amounts of money promoting and funding abortions and thus imposing their western views on African nations.

The UK Government met with a lot or criticism following its pledge at the Family Planning Summit to increase its spending on "family planning including abortion services overseas to £1.125 billion in the next five years. Anne Scanlan, Director of Education for the UK charity Life commented on the decision saying "This is absolutely shocking. A recent ComRes poll showed that 65% of the public oppose UK taxpayer money being spent on abortions overseas.......Rather than increasing aid for sanitation, education or emergency relief, the Department for International Development is only interested in furthering the pro-abortion lobby’s agenda.

We call on the Government not to proceed with this new support for the family planning and abortion industry and to instead pursue global initiatives to support women in pregnancy.” (As quoted by Christian Institute)

On July 11th Ekeocha was interviewed by the BBC in a segment dedicated to World Population Day. The BBC anchor suggested that in order to get out of poverty African women need abortion and contraception but Ekeocha strongly challenged this assumption saying this is the Western world's solution to poverty but not what African women need or even want.

She pointed out that: "The polls show overwhelmingly that Africans hate abortion, abhor abortion, both women and men.....By ignoring the will of the people, this is spitting in the face of the very type of democracy we are supposed to have in African countries.” (As quoted by American Magazine)

She also said that western nations "need to go back to the integral care of the person, where they were thinking of the Africans not as people who they can colonize culturally and impose their new views and values on them, but as a people who have their own views and values....What Africans want more than anything is for women to give birth safely ... in a lot of these countries they can’t even get the most basic health care.” (As quoted by prolife.ie)

She continued "I was born in Africa, I was raised in Africa, I continue to go to Africa many times a year.....You just speak to any ordinary [African] woman. I think contraception might be like the tenth thing she says [that she wants], if that." (As quoted by LifeSiteNews)

When the BBC anchor stated that contraception is a "basic human right" that is necessary for coming out of poverty Ekeocha responded by saying "That’s kind of a Western solution, isn’t it?.......If you speak to the ordinary woman on the streets of Africa, what is she asking for?" Ekeocha blasted the concept that contraception is the solution to poverty rather than food, water, basic healthcare and education. The BBC anchor then added that education can help African women to know their basic human rights like contraception at which point Ekeocha challenged her saying "According to you," and that she had "better be careful" using such "colonial talk."

Ekeocha then concluded by saying "My lifeline out of poverty was education. It was not contraception. And there are so many other women who have walked the same path as I have without ever having to take recourse to some contraception provided by the British government or the United States". (As quoted by LifeSiteNews)

The BBC interview can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FutdOaDXOg0