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         March 2017


New MRI scan gives ultra clear images of unborn baby

A new technological breakthrough will give parents the opportunity to see their unborn baby in incredible detail. The new MRI scan provides high-quality under-the-skin images that can see through bone, blood and fat, providing a clearer image. It can even clearly showing a 20-week-old baby's heart, about the size of a 1p piece, beating.

This new £10 million development by iFind, a team at King's College London, uses computer algorithms which compensate for foetal movements so that clear images can be obtained at every scan. The clear images could enable complications to be identified earlier thus leading to treating a baby before it is born.

iFind is hoping that the new technique will soon be used in maternity hospitals all around the world.

Recently, a 24 second video, created by iFind, showing a 20 week old unborn baby kicking, swallowing and pulling on the umbilical cord went viral on social media. The video, which demonstrates in such astonishing detail how fully-formed a 20 week baby is, may well rekindle the debate about lowering the current 24 week abortion limit.