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         January 2017



A disturbing new report by the Care Quality Commission has revealed that Marie Stopes, the UK’s biggest abortion group, has failed to follow basic safety procedures and the commission have reported more than 2,600 serious incidents during last year.

For example, at a Norwich clinic, doctors pre-signed up to 60 abortion certification forms at a time, showing no sensitivity or understanding of the circumstances of each woman seeking an abortion. At another clinic in South London, nurses and healthcare assistants who were inadequately trained were given the responsibility of obtaining women’s consent for abortions, despite the fact that they themselves did not understand the abortion procedure and so were not able to answer questions about it. Another case highlighted a woman with learning disabilities who had an abortion even though she did not seem to understand the procedure or its outcome. She went to a clinic in the West Midlands on her own and prior to the procedure started to become very distressed. However, the doctors are said to have proceeded with the abortion and generally showed very little sensitivity towards her. At yet another clinic it was reported that the remains of aborted foetuses had been left in an open waste container.

After this report was released, Jade Stevens, a mother who visited a Marie Stopes clinic, told media of her experience of being pressured by the staff into having an abortion and treated as if on a conveyor belt. At the time of her visit, she was uncertain about her decision to have the abortion and said that no support was offered in exploring her situation and that she was even accused of “wasting their time” when she decided to back out (as quoted by the Daily Mail).

Labour MP Robert Flello has said, in response to the damning report,: “Women are being railroaded through an industry which gets paid for as many abortions as it can perform.....Perhaps now the Department of Health will wake up because it has turned a blind eye to things not being done properly.” (as quoted by the Christian Institute)

A Department of Health spokesman has said: “The CQC requirement has made it very clear the actions that need to be taken to make sure care is safe, high-quality and compassionate for all patients. Clearly, Marie Stopes International has fallen short of those standards.” (as quoted by the Christian Institute)

Suzanne Ash, Interim Managing Director at Marie Stopes UK, has stated that  “considerable changes” have been made since the CQC inspections. However, Professor Edward Baker, Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals at the CQC, has said that the watchdog will “continue to monitor its services very closely”. (as quoted by the Christian Institute)