News from Northern Ireland

The Supreme Court of Northern Ireland has heard a legal challenge by two women, who believe women from Northern Ireland should be allowed to have access to NHS funded abortion in England.@ The women were a mother and daughter team who originally brought the case in 2014 and spoke of their experiences obtaining an abortion for the daughter, aged just 15 at the time, by travelling to England at a cost of £900. The daughter argues that several of her human rights have been violated by the fact she has been “discriminated against – by reason of being treated differently from other women in England” who do have access to free abortions. The women had been unsuccessful at the High Court and the Court of Appeal but were granted permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. Judgement will come later. The BBC also reports this for its younger users on its Newsbeat site with the headline: “This is what it costs a woman in Northern Ireland to get an abortion”.@  There is a link to the original article in its introduction but it is solely about the costs of abortion at different stages of pregnancy, available in different regions of the UK and does not provide any comment on the emotional cost.