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NIPT test given go-ahead by government

September’s Image News carried the report that the government was rumoured to be on the verge of giving the go-ahead for the NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Test) screening program to be available on the NHS, despite widespread opposition. Many worry the test will lead to more babies with Down’s Syndrome being diagnosed and then aborted, as has been seen in the statistics provided by the private sector where the test has been available and terminations have gone up by a third as a result.  Sally Phillips provided a thought-provoking documentary on the BBC in early October, which highlighted her experiences of being a mother to Olly, her son who has Down’s Syndrome. Read more…………

Colorado has voted to implement ‘End of Life Options Act’

On Tuesday 8th November the US state of Colorado voted in favour of assisted suicide by voting for ‘Proposition 106 the End of Life Options Act.’ In Colorado, citizens are “allowed to submit petitions for laws to be voted on at the ballot box, rather than by their elected representatives.”   Read more…………

No to chemo – yes to suicide pills

Care Not Killing have reported that four months after assisted suicide became legal in California, insurers are no longer paying for life saving or extending treatments, but are happy to pay out for assisted suicide drugs.

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News from Northern Ireland

The Supreme Court of Northern Ireland has heard a legal challenge by two women, who believe women from Northern Ireland should be allowed to have access to NHS funded abortion in England.  Read more…………