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         July 2016


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Isle of Man abortion law to be reviewed

The BBC has reported peaceful protests from both ‘pro-choice’ and ‘anti-abortion’ campaigners outside the Manx parliament on the Isle of Man on 21st June.@ Allan Bell, the Chief Minister of the Isle of Man, is quoted as saying the current legislation will be reviewed after the General Election in September. The existing legislation is provided by the Termination of Pregnancy Act 1995 and ‘pro-choice’ campaigners are calling for it to be updated to current UK standards as at the moment, women are only granted terminations on the grounds of pregnancy being caused by a criminal offence, such as rape or mental health. In a similar scenario to Northern Ireland, women have to travel to another country for an abortion. A spokesman for the campaign group CALM (Campaign for Abortion Law Modernisation) said that whilst it was not illegal to have an abortion, the current law made it impossible to procure one; “the current act is incredibly restrictive. We are not saying abortion should be available to everyone at the drop of a hat.”

The BBC article followed their guidelines reported in the March edition of image news (BBC – “shameless bias against right-to-life”) @.  These instruct journalists to, “Avoid pro-abortion, and use pro-choice instead and use anti-abortion rather than pro-life, except where it is part of the title of a group's name.”  The only statement reported by the BBC  from  ‘anti-abortion’ supporters was that they were “a group which is here to represent the rights of unborn babies.”