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         July 2016


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Euthanasia requests for mental conditions on the rise in Holland

The Independent has reported on the rise of assisted suicides in Holland in general and the worrying increase of people seeking euthanasia because of mental health problems.@ The number of assisted suicides has risen from 2 in 2010 to 56 in 2015. The Independent provides reports of two women who were euthanised – one for a germ phobia and one woman who was in her twenties requested euthanasia due to post-traumatic stress disorder, triggered by sexual abuse. As Christian Concern note, in order for an assisted suicide request to be processed, the patient needs to be defined as medically untreatable. It also quotes Fiona Bruce MP’s reaction to the news:

“This tragic situation shows why euthanasia should never be legalised in Britain. What this woman needed, at a desperate point in her young life, was help and support to overcome her problems, not this option." @