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July 2016

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Chief Executive of RCM also involved with BPAS

Cathy Warwick, the Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives has caused uproar by announcing the organisation’s support of a campaign being run by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), without a consultation of its members. The campaign, called “We Trust Women” @, seeks to decriminalise abortion across the UK, effectively allowing abortion to take place up to the point of birth. Read more……….

US woman writes letter to the doctors who urged her to abort her baby

A mother from the US has published online a letter she wrote to the doctor who pushed for her to abort her daughter who was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome whilst in the womb


Euthanasia requests for mental conditions on the rise in Holland

The Independent has reported on the rise of assisted suicides in Holland in general and the worrying increase of people seeking euthanasia because of mental health problems. The number of assisted suicides has risen from 2 in 2010 to 56 in 2015. Read more……..

Oklahoma and South Carolina in the news from North America

Two North American states have been in the news concerning changes to current abortion laws. Oklahoma lawmakers passed a bill which would make performing an abortion a crime for doctors Read more……….

“Thousands” of doctors are providing assisted suicides

Baroness Meacher, the new head of Dignity in Dying (formerly known as the Voluntary Euthanasia Society), has claimed “thousands” of doctors are helping their patients die each year, in her first interview since being appointed. Read more……..

Isle of Man abortion law to be reviewed

The BBC has reported peaceful protests from both ‘pro-choice’ and ‘anti-abortion’ campaigners outside the Manx parliament on the Isle of Man on 21st June.@ Allan Bell, the Chief Minister of the Isle of Man, is quoted as saying the current legislation will be reviewed after the General Election in September. Read more……..

2015 Abortion figures released

In 2015, there were 191,014 abortions in England and Wales of which 185,824 were residents.  There were 12,082 abortions in Scotland, making a total of 203,096 abortions performed in the UK. Read more……..