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MARCH 2016


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BPAS push for abortion on demand

Using the tagline “We Trust Women” the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, BPAS, have launched a campaign to remove the current requirement that, before having an abortion, two doctors must decide whether a woman meets the criteria laid out in the 1967 Abortion Act. They argue that it denies a woman’s “fundamental human right” to control her own body. @

Dismissing the child in the womb as simply an appendage

Countering this argument, Ann Scanian, writing in the Life website blog,@ points out that, “BPAS justify what they do and campaign for by dismissing the child in the womb as simply an appendage to the woman’s body. He or she is a separate entity, with his/her own unique DNA, most certainly alive and displaying all the characteristics of life. So how can an unborn child, which is clearly a human life, be viewed as something akin to a parasite, which may be removed at any point for any reason?”

She goes on to say, “The extremist stance of BPAS is that abortions should be allowed for any reason at any point until birth. Other pro-abortion advocates argue that although the fetus before viability may be human, it cannot survive independently of the mother so it should not be accorded the same value as a born human. However, dependence or independence should not be factors in deciding whether a human being should live or die. A new-born baby will die if left on his or her own; a very elderly parent may die if we leave them alone. Does that give us the right to walk away? Of course, a pregnant woman sustains her child in her body, but that does not mean that her child is her body. When we find ourselves with the responsibility of caring for and nourishing another human being it cannot be said that we have a right to end the life of that dependent human being.

Abortion industry out of control

“The BPAS campaign, if we look at it honestly, amounts to straw man propaganda. By naming their new campaign ‘We trust Women’, they are implying that those who are against abortion do not trust women. The truth is that we are women. Contrary to what pro-abortion advocates would have us believe, women make up the majority of those who are pro-life and women who have been through the horror of abortion in the past are included in our number.

“The abortion industry is out of control. We are now aborting more than 1 in 5 of our unborn children and still BPAS is not satisfied. True equality for women will not be gained by the decriminalisation of abortion. The real next step for equality is to ensure that every pregnant woman has the help and support she needs in order to have her child. We must increase support for women, even in the most complicated of situations, because the ‘choice’ to end the life of her unborn child is one which no woman should be faced with.”

Being pro-abortion is not the same as being pro-woman

Scanian also makes the point that being pro-abortion is not the same as being pro-woman.  She writes, “As the journalist Stella Morabito reasons in her piece ‘Why Pro-Abortion Men are Anti-Women’,@ the biggest winners when abortion is accessible or legal are misogynistic men. Her article makes the point that abortion goes against every instinct in a woman’s nature and that it is men who get what they want: commitment-free sex with no strings attached. If the woman becomes pregnant, she can get an abortion and he can forget that it ever happened – while she is left with the emotional consequences. Morabito’s article goes hand in hand with the statistic from the Medical Science Monitor that 64% of (American) women who have abortions are pressured or coerced into the procedure.@  In addition, we can see just a fraction of the accounts of the women who have been forced into having an abortion in the UK on this online forum NetMums.”@

Out of step with public opinion

The Right to Life website@ comments, “Such a total deregulation of this area, if it were affected, would mean the removal of the requirement that two doctors give their ‘good faith’ judgement that the abortion is necessary for certain prescribed reasons, and that doctors alone (not nurses) should carry out abortions. It would also include the license of abortions that most people rightly find abhorrent: such as abortions based on the sex of the unborn child.

“Such an agenda is hopelessly out of step with public opinion. In October 2014, a ComRes poll@ found that 84% of people favoured a total and explicit ban on abortions based on the baby’s sex, including 85% of women. Another ComRes poll@ in March that same year found a similar figure, with 86% of people favouring a total ban (including 88% of women). This latter poll also found that 89% (92% of women) agreed that a woman requesting an abortion should always be seen in person by a qualified doctor, and 76% (78% of women) agreed that the health of women considering an abortion would be put at risk unless the doctors who sign abortion request forms had also seen the patient.”

Peter D. Williams, Executive Officer of Right To Life, said, “The abortion lobby have demonstrated just how out-of-touch they are with science, medicine, and public opinion. The idea that abortion is just another medical procedure, and that it should be a free-for-all action outside of public ethical concerns is ludicrous. We need more and greater, not fewer and lesser, protections for unborn children and pregnant mothers. That is the trajectory of our culture, and this radical campaign simply shows how starkly society is moving beyond and away from abortion lobbyists’ inhumane ideology”.