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Aisling Hubert to challenge courts over decision not to prosecute doctors who offered illegal sex-selective abortions

At the beginning of December, the High Court refused an application for Judicial Review of the Director of Public Prosecutions’ (DPP) failure to prosecute two doctors who were filmed by the Telegraph newspaper offering sex-selective abortions in February 2012. @ In 2013, the Crown Prosecution service decided it was not in the public interest to take any further action and the charges were dropped. Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, 22 year old Aisling Hubert tried to bring private prosecutions against the two doctors, but the CPS refused to hand over evidence in its possession and even decided to take over the prosecutions and then drop them. One doctor was suspended for three months but no further action was taken. However, Aisling has decided to appeal the decision again, arguing that the “failure of the DPP to take action gives the impression that we have abortion on demand, for whatever reason.” Andrea Williams from Christian Concern has spoken out in support of Aisling’s cause:

Aisling’s attempts to seek justice have been persistently undermined by the CPS. At all stages of this case, there have been major challenges, but Aisling has been determined to carry on and speak on behalf of the unborn child. We will continue to support her as she seeks an appeal.

“Every human being is made in the image of God, and life should be protected from the moment of conception.” @