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$18 million from abroad funding abortion push in Ireland

The Life Institute, an organisation  committed to building a Culture of Life in Ireland, has reported that large sums of money are being paid out by massively wealthy pro-abortion outfits backed by George Soros, and Bill Gates, and the Ford Foundation, in attacking Irish pro-life laws.

Niamh Ui Bhriain writes, “If you’ve been wondering how groups like Amnesty, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties and others have suddenly began pumping out slick campaigns for abortion then look no further than the source of their funding. In the past few years – with timing that exactly correlates to their strident and relentless push for abortion – some $18 million dollars has poured into the coffers of these Irish pro-abortion campaigners.

“Much of the cash is coming from the foundation of Chuck Feeney, a US billionaire. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties were a tiny group raising less than €9000 a year, but $11.3 million dollars of Feeney’s money transformed them into a major abortion campaigner. He gave $5.1 million to Amnesty Ireland (who for many, many years had a neutral position on abortion)  and, hey presto, now they are rolling out an expensive abortion push, spending lavishly on corporate-style events and music festivals to demand abortion be legalized.

“Another $1.1 million was handed to the National Women’s Council of Ireland, who immediately upped their game in pushing abortion, lobbying politicians and holding pro-abortion conferences, though they were careful to take time out to attack women who publicly said that they regretted their abortions.”David-versus-a-host-of-Goliaths

Niamh Ui Bhriain also cites George Soros via Human Rights Watch and Bill Gates through the Centre for Reproductive Rights as funders of pro-abortion propaganda.

She concludes, “What can the Irish pro-life movement do in this David-versus-a-host-of-Goliaths situation? We can fight back with everything we’ve got……. 18 million dollars won’t buy you the courage, conviction or sheer determination of thousands of dedicated pro-life activists who believe, passionately and absolutely, that we can do better for mothers and babies than the medieval answer of abortion. When it comes to protecting life, the desire to provide a more compassionate answer than abortion is something money can’t buy.” @

Amnesty Travesty

Amnesty International, an organisation once respected for their support of the helpless, have also used part of their considerable financial resources to produce a propaganda video, narrated by Liam Neeson, calling for the removal of protection of the right to life for the unborn child from the Irish Constitution. The introductory words on YouTube are, “A ghost haunts Ireland, blindly bringing suffering - even death - to the women whose lives it touches.”  The video continues with emotive and misleading statements with no evidence to support the statements and no reasoned argument until, at the conclusion it calls for a repeal of the eighth amendment (which protects the right to life of the unborn child in the Irish constitution.) You can watch the Amnesty video here and you may wish to make a

comment about it underneath.


Life Charity has joined with the charity Right To Life in an “Amnesty Travesty” campaign to raise awareness of the immeasurable damage which abortion has caused in the UK in the past 48 years and to petition Amnesty International to stop campaigning for a “right” to end human lives in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Click here to read about the campaign, here to

Sign the petition and here to watch a parody video critiquing the tasteless advert from Amnesty.