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JULY 2015



Mumsnet backs ‘illegal’ DIY abortions

Mumsnet, the popular parenting site, is facing protests, after openly promoting the use of illegal home abortion pills ordered by post. Procuring pills by post to terminate a pregnancy is a criminal offence across the UK, unless it is done with the authority of two doctors.

The Mumsnet website used its annual charity fundraising appeal across the UK to support a group, Abortion Support Network (ASN), which encourages women in Ireland, north and south, to obtain pills to terminate their pregnancy.  An online fundraising page set up as part of the Mumsnet appeal describes the practice as “illegal but safe”. @

Mumsnet describe ASN as a “tiny charity helping women in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man access safe abortions.”

Peter Saunders, CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship comments, “So Mumsnet has been raising money for, and promoting, a ‘charity’ which it clearly believes supplies information about how to obtain illegal abortions.  

“Mumsnet is clearly aware of this as it has put the information on its own justgiving page.

“If ASN is indeed giving advice about supplying illegal abortion drugs by post, as the Mumsnet just giving page reports, then the police must uphold the law by fully investigating and reporting their findings to the Crown Prosecution Service.

“The Charity Commission should also carry out a full enquiry into ASN’s activity including to what degree its sponsoring organisations BPAS, Marie Stopes and the Pregnancy Advisory Service (the first two are also UK charities) are involved. Did they know about this and are they collaborating? (BPAS and Marie Stopes are both listed as creditors in ASN's 2013 accounts so a business relationship exists.)

“By actively promoting and supporting this activity Mumsnet itself is also potentially colluding in criminal activity. This is a serious matter for the police, the Charity Commission and the Crown Prosecution Service.” @