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JULY 2015



Morning-after pill made widely available to children

Girls under the age of consent will now be able to buy the morning-after pill in pharmacies across the UK. The drug had previously only been available in certain pharmacies to girls over the age of 16. Called ellaOne, the drug can be taken up to five days after sexual intercourse. Its action is directed at suppressing ovulation and preventing fertilisation but it also makes it more difficult for a fertilised egg to be planted in the womb @.  Peter Saunders, CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship, has commented, “This embryocidal mode of action accounts for ellOne’s 98% effectiveness in preventing pregnancy even up to 120 hours (5 days) after intercourse.” @


EllaOne’s increased availability was licensed by the European Medicines Agency. @

Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust, told the Guardian, “There are plenty of health and social reasons against making ellaOne available to minors”. He said: “The availability of the morning-after pill is encouraging some adolescents to engage in casual sex when they might not otherwise have done so, and the supply of emergency birth control to young people is associated with an increase in sexually transmitted infections.” @

Peter Saunders comments, “Making the emergency contraceptive pill available over the counter free, without prescription, is sadly an ill-conceived knee-jerk response to Britain’s spiralling epidemic of unplanned pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted disease amongst teenagers. It is also not evidence-based.

“The best way to counter the epidemic of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease is to promote real behaviour change. The government would be well advised to enter into dialogue with leaders of communities in Britain where rates of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy are low, especially Christian faith communities, to learn about what actually works.” @