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MAY 2015


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Challenge Team UK

Challenge Team have completed their recent tour, visiting 30 schools and reaching over 5000 pupils. The Challenge Team presentation is designed to educate, inspire and equip young people to practise a lifestyle that is challenging but possible and worthwhile. The presentation consists of dramatisations, personal stories, interaction and short talks, interspersed with lots of humour.

 The message is:-

A message on their facebook page states, “Challenge Team is so necessary - 98% of the pupils we speak to say they think every school should see a presentation.”

Some comments from pupils from the first school of this year’s tour:-

"It is important to remember you are valuable and you should save yourself for someone who really loves you"

"It was helpful and in the presentation they said things that people did not know about already"

"Every school should hear the presentation because it will make a difference to their future and it will protect them from making the wrong choices"

"A lot of people do not realise that Saving sex is an option, now they may consider it"

"I think more schools should see the presentation as I don't think many people realise that they have the option to save sex"@

Challenge Teams have toured each year since 2004 and spoken to over 132,000 pupils in that time.