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Olympian braves triplets birth despite huge risks

A former Olympian trampolinist, Jaime Halsey (née Jaime Moore) has given birth to triplets despite being advised to abort two of the three babies. Consultants advised that twins sharing a placenta are at risk of twin-to-twin syndrome of IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction).  Doctors said adding another baby into the equation has made her pregnancy particularly high-risk and even more rare and complicated.

For Jaime and husband Steve, a former London Welsh rugby player, abortion was never an option. They chose to keep all three baby girls. In Jaime’s words, “Collectively we made the decision we would give the three babies the best opportunity we possibly could to come into the world. i

Jaime who represented Team GB at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, described the birth as “the most amazing, yet surreal experience of my life, and I loved every minute.”

She added: “I felt so overwhelmed, I had heard each one cry and been able to see them it was just the best feeling ever.”

Eden Rose was the first to arrive into the world at 3.53pm, weighing 3lb 8oz.

She was closely followed by Amber Joy at 3.54pm, weighing in at 3lb 1oz.

Then at 3.55pm Erin Aila was born, and weighed 2lb 13oz.

The triplets will now be transferred to Northampton General Hospital for further monitoring but should soon be able to return home. i    

MARCH 2015


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