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Incompatible with life?

Christian Concern has reported that, “A global call to stop the use of the term ‘incompatible with life’ to describe unborn babies with life-limiting conditions will be made in Geneva this month by Irish pro-life group Every Life Counts, alongside medical experts and researchers in the field.

“Every Life Counts is made up of families who have faced a life-limiting diagnosis for their unborn child and aims to provide valuable support for others facing similar situations. It also campaigns for the provision of perinatal hospice care and an end to discrimination against children in the womb with severe, life-limiting disabilities
.” i

Every Life Counts comments, “Studies show that up to 90% of children with disabilities are aborted before birth. In particular, children with life-limiting conditions are subject to discriminatory language and attitudes which deny them their humanity and their hu­man rights. Families who are told that their baby may not live for long after birth need our full support and holistic perinatal care, but this can only be achieved if misleading and offensive language and attitudes are discontinued.

“At this launch on March 11th, medical experts and fami­lies will urge the United Nations to support the initiative in its aim to recognise the dignity and value of all children with terminal illness and disability, and to end discrimination against these children. We are calling on the global medical commu­nity, the media and other bodies of influence to commit to ending the misinformation, which is confusing and hurting families, and denying children with illness and disability the care they deserve.” i

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