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MARCH 2015

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MPs back “three-parent” babies despite safety and ethical concerns

On 3rd February 2015 MPs voted 382-128 in favour of legalising the production of three parent embryos after Government had given its support to introducing regulations in the previous year.  On 24th February the House of Lords rejected an attempt to block the plan and the first baby could be born as early as 2016. read more…..

MPs reject “gender abortion” amendment

In November 2014 the Commons supported a bill proposed by Conservative MP Fiona Bruce which aimed to put beyond doubt that the practice of sex-selective abortion was illegal. The Commons supported the bill by 181 votes to one. The BBC reported at the time that, “Her 10-minute rule bill is unlikely to become law due to lack of time.

On 23rd February 2015, Parliament debated an amendment to the Serious Crimes Bill that would have explicitly outlawed abortion on the grounds of gender.  In a massive reversal of the November vote it was defeated by 291 votes to 201. read more…..

Disability abortion proposal

Overwhelming defeat in the Irish Parliament

A proposal that would have allowed abortion for a wide variety of disabilities was decisively defeated in the Irish Parliament on 10th February. The amendment to the 2013 Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, tabled by opposition member Clare Daly, would have allowed abortion for disability “where the foetus has a fatal abnormality such that it is incompatible with life outside of the womb”. It was defeated by 20 votes to 104. read more…..

Incompatible with life?

Christian Concern has reported that, “A global call to stop the use of the term ‘incompatible with life’ to describe unborn babies with life-limiting conditions will be made in Geneva this month by Irish pro-life group Every Life Counts, alongside medical experts and researchers in the field.

“Every Life Counts is made up of families who have faced a life-limiting diagnosis for their unborn child and aims to provide valuable support for others facing similar situations. It also campaigns for the provision of perinatal hospice care and an end to discrimination against children in the womb with severe, life-limiting disabilities
.”

Olympian braves triplets birth despite huge risks

A former Olympian trampolinist, Jaime Halsey (née Jaime Moore) has given birth to triplets despite being advised to abort two of the three babies. Consultants advised that twins sharing a placenta are at risk of twin-to-twin syndrome of IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction).  Doctors said adding another baby into the equation has made her pregnancy particularly high-risk and even more rare and complicated. read more…..