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“Parliament is being duped into accepting GM Babies”

Professor John Scarisbrick, National Chairman of Life and recently awarded an MBE for his services to  vulnerable people, has accused the Department of Health of resorting to disgraceful tactics in order to lure Parliament into taking the momentous decision to permit the genetic modification (GM) of human babies. 24

He accuses them of sophistry in using the euphemism, “mitochondrial donation” and accuses them of attempting to smuggle measures through Parliament without allowing a full debate in the Commons itself.

He concludes by asserting that, “Genetic modification is fundamentally incompatible with human dignity and the respect that a civilised society should show to human life at all its stages. It is unworthy of a truly civilised society.”

Speaking on the BBC radio Today programme, MP Fiona Bruce also expressed opposition to 3-parent baby treatment. 25

Concerns over “3-parent babies” were outlined in image news, November 2014.