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Parents who have chosen not to abort

“I got pregnant from rape but I’m so happy I kept my baby”

Jennifer Christie, a wife and mother of 5, became pregnant after being violently raped. She says, “I spent the next week listening to a team of very well-meaning doctors and nurses console me with how ‘easy’ it would be to ‘take care of it.’ …..The pressure to abort from the medical community was extremely eye-opening to me. So many times I was told how ‘simple’ it would be and how quickly I could just ‘get on with my life’ once it was over. It was heartbreaking to have to repeatedly hear it. Even some friends thought keeping the baby was a mistake -- that I wouldn't be able to handle things emotionally.” 16

Jennifer and her husband refused an abortion.  She now says, “Our little boy may have been conceived in violence, but he is a gift from God -- a delicious gift that filled the hole in our family that we never realised was there. He made us complete.” 17

Parents who refused abortion celebrate son’s 1st birthday

Parents who were told their son should be aborted because he was a “non-viable foetus” have celebrated his first birthday.

Doctors told Mhairi and Paul Morris that going through with labour would put Mhairi at serious risk of infection, and told them to have an abortion. “Doctors were very brutal; in no uncertain terms, they told us he was non-viable. We were just shocked. That was how blunt they were, we had to get rid of it”, said Mhairi.

Jett Morris is now crawling and has cut his first tooth. Mhairi told the Surrey Mirror, “This whole year has gone by so quickly. It's such a huge milestone. I one hundred per cent felt we needed to give him a chance. There was no way we would lose him.” 18

The story has recently been shown on the ITV program Good Morning Britain. 19

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust said it believes the quality of care given to the couple was high, and said staff were working with the family to resolve their concerns over the alleged encouragement to abort.

Mum chose not to abort twins who are now 16 months old

Identical twin girls who could have been aborted after being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition are now 16 months old.

At 18 weeks into her pregnancy, Rachel Jones was told that her children, Darcy and Lilly, had twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), where the shared placenta contains abnormal blood vessels affecting each baby’s circulation. 20

Rachel recalls, “It was here that a surgeon sat us down and gave us the options. ‘The first is terminating the pregnancy...’ he said.  I didn’t have to hear any more on the subject. I knew that wasn’t an option for me.  ‘The other option is whether to have surgery or not,’ he continued. ‘Without surgery, the twins have 5 per cent chance of survival. With surgery, it’s 45 per cent.’

“He went on to say there was a risk of complications even if they did survive. One or both of the babies could have mental or physical problems, such as cerebral palsy.

“‘I want the surgery,’ I said. ‘I’ve got a feeling they can make it.’” 21

“I discovered a TTTS Facebook support group. 22 Dozens of posts were from mums who’d gone through a worrying pregnancy like mine to give birth to healthy babies. ‘Why couldn’t I have stumbled across this before, rather than the horror stories?’ I thought.”

The surgery was a success, and despite Rachel’s waters breaking at 34 weeks, Lilly and Darcy were later born on 24 September 2013.  They were kept in hospital for just two weeks before being allowed home, and have now reached 16 months old. “It was all worth it as they make the entire family twice as happy,” said Rachel.