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Midwives’ abortion ruling overturned by Supreme Court

In December 2014 the UK's highest court told two Catholic midwives that they do not have the right to avoid supervising other nurses involved in abortion procedures. The landmark judgement by the five Supreme Court justices rejected the view that the right of conscience extended to the whole process of abortion. It ruled instead that conscientious objection only applied where an individual was “taking part in a hands-on capacity”. Read more……

Court of Appeal denies protection to embryo

Seven years ago, a baby girl (who cannot be named for legal reasons) was born to a 19 year old mother who had drunk heavily throughout her pregnancy, despite warnings from healthcare workers that her drinking could damage her baby. All the courts who have heard the case agreed that the girl’s FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) is a direct result of alcohol abuse in pregnancy.

However today the Court of Appeal ruled that she could not be awarded compensation for the damage done to her during pregnancy because she was not a legal ‘person’ while in the womb, but rather she was an ‘organism’. So a crime could not have been committed against her, as a fetus is not a ‘person’. Read more……

Parents who have chosen not to abort

“I got pregnant from rape but I’m so happy I kept my baby”

Parents who refused abortion celebrate son’s 1st birthday

Mum chose not to abort twins who are now 16 months old   Read more ……

The Human Journey

A new resource to help churches and individual Christians understand and apply God’s teaching concerning health and wellbeing has been produced by the Christian Medical Fellowship, who claim, “If you're part of a church, a healthcare professional, or student and want to think biblically about health, The Human Journey is for you.”


“Parliament is being duped into accepting GM Babies”

Professor John Scarisbrick, National Chairman of Life and recently awarded an MBE for his services to  vulnerable people, has accused the Department of Health of resorting to disgraceful tactics in order to lure Parliament into taking the momentous decision to permit the genetic modification (GM) of human babies. He accuses them of sophistry in using the euphemism, “mitochondrial donation” and accuses them of attempting to smuggle measures through Parliament without allowing a full debate in the Commons itself.   Read more……

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Training Course - Pregnancy Counselling Skills

As mentioned in November’s image news our course in Christian pregnancy counselling skills takes place over 5 Saturdays starting 7th February (London) and 31st January (Manchester). The course aims to explore the basic counselling skills and information areas needed to help people with problems relating to pregnancy, abortion, post abortion and teenage sex from within a Christian framework.  Its purpose is to provide a foundation for all those working, or seeking to work, in Christian pregnancy centres and related areas of ministry. The course is accompanied by a training manual which will be a valuable resource for individuals, churches and centres.

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