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Choose Life

The Christian Institute have started a series in which people share their personal stories of how they were deeply affected by abortion.   The first five accounts are summarised below.

Melanie and Damien were put under “immense pressure” to abort baby Joshua after a mistaken diagnosis of fatal foetal abnormality. Melanie says, “They felt that the child wouldn’t survive birth and if it did it would be so profoundly disabled it would, in their words, ‘have no quality of life’. I was put under immense pressure to go ahead with an abortion.” They were then made to feel they were doing something “terribly wrong” by choosing life for their son but Joshua is now nearly a year old and with no health issues.

Brian Gault, who was born with no arms, shares how fulfilled his life as an author and public speaker has been. “We’re all special,” says Brian. “Although I have a disability, we shouldn’t be valued because of how productive we can be, what we can do. We should be valued for just being who we are.” He is thankful that the Abortion Act wasn’t in place before he was born, believing he “wouldn’t be sitting here today” if it was.

Gary Moore would not be alive today if his mum hadn’t chosen to continue with her pregnancy in the face of severe family pressure to abort. He was conceived through rape and speaks passionately of his gratitude to his mother for not giving in to pressure to abort him. “It was always one of those pillars of life where I knew that she loved me no matter what.”

Adele Best, who has twice experienced the “frightening reality” of abortion, speaks of how abortion “nearly destroyed” her life. As a result she now passionately believes that abortion is never the answer. She says women deserve to hear the truth about the “horrific after-effects” which leave women with problems that last a lifetime.

Bonnie and Phil, parents of a baby girl who died 15 minutes after being born, said they had “definite peace” that it was the right thing to see the pregnancy through after being offered an abortion.  Phil described the 15 minutes they spent with baby Grace as “15 minutes of pure love” with Bonnie affirming, “There’s a purpose for every life, no matter how short”

More accounts are to follow on the Christian Institute website.


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