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It's time to rethink our attitude to abortion. “Clinging on to old ideas would be a mistake”

A premature baby who was given little chance of survival when he was born at 23 weeks has celebrated his first birthday.  Research has shown that, with the help of specialist neonatal wards, the majority of babies born at 23 weeks survive.   In 2006 just 19 per cent of babies born at 23 weeks survived, according to one study. Last year, in specialist units like North Bristol’s, all those fetuses born at 23 weeks survived.  This information motivates some human rights campaigners to argue that the abortion limit should be lowered to at least 20 weeks. However, writing in the Telegraph, James Mumford suggests that it is a mistake to press for this change. Read more ……

Choose Life

The Christian Institute have started a series in which people share their personal stories of how they were deeply affected by abortion.   The first five accounts are summarised in imagenews. Read more ……

Three-parent babies  “threat to humanity” New Scientist – “It’s more messy than we thought”

Leading international scientists are to warn a parliamentary inquiry that experiments to create babies with three genetic parents (known as mitochondrial replacement) are a risk to humanity and should not be allowed to go ahead.  Read more ……

“Arrogant” Amnesty attack on Northern Ireland abortion law

Criticism by Amnesty International of Northern Ireland’s legal protection for unborn children has been described as arrogant and anti-democratic by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC). Read more ……

Director of Public Prosecutions has made assisted suicide easier, campaigners claim

Up until now a suspect ‘acting in his or her capacity as a medical doctor, nurse, other healthcare professional, a professional carer [whether for payment or not]’ was more likely to be prosecuted. But the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, has now amended this criterion so that it only applies if the victim was in his or her care. Read more ……

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Dates for the 2015 Manchester and London Training Courses have now been released. The 60-hour course in Christian pregnancy counselling skills aims to explore the basic counselling skills and information areas needed to help people with problems relating to pregnancy, abortion, post abortion and teenage sex from within a Christian framework.  Its purpose is to provide a foundation for all those working, or seeking to work, in Christian pregnancy centres and related areas of ministry. Read more ……