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Baby survives as mum refuses to abort

A 10-week-old baby defied the odds to survive a rare birth defect despite his mum being told to consider a termination. Samuel Wilson was 10 weeks at the beginning of August despite being born with his stomach and intestines in his chest cavity because of a hole in his diaphragm.13

Little Samuel has battled to stay alive every day of his life after he was born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH), a condition that meant his stomach and intestines developed in his chest cavity because of a hole in his diaphragm.

Mother, Vicky Davis, said, “I just couldn’t even imagine (an abortion).  I know they have to give you all the options but I knew I had to just give him a chance at survival.”  She said: “On day six we got a call from the hospital at 1am with the doctors saying that they could do no more for him. But Samuel just thought, 'no, I am going to fight'. We have had to take it day by day.  And he has been fighting ever since, even when he was strong enough to have the operation on June 10 to move his stomach and intestines down he came out fighting.  He has even started feeding from a bottle now.”

Vicky is now finally able to give Samuel all the cuddles he deserves after waiting weeks to cradle her newborn. Vicky added, “I want to raise awareness of CDH and show people that it is not all negative, your baby can survive this.”14

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