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Tribute to the Lost Unborn

Voice for Justice UK (VfJUK) have launched a website which invites those who have lost a child through miscarriage or an abortion to leave a message for their unborn child, as a tribute and an expression of love. 11

Online for Life have a like website 12 (although this is only for those who have lost a child through abortion) and there are several other similar websites. Many of the comments speak poignantly about the damage that is caused by abortion, not only to the unborn child but also to mother, father and other family members.

Here are two extracts,

“I hear that it’s the woman’s choice, that men can just walk away. Believe me, abortion leaves scars on a man, too.” 13

“Next month you would have been 39 years old. Our mother was manipulated into the abortion, lied to that you were not human at 16 weeks…. I do not cry but do think of you every now and then but not nearly as much as our mother, the pain is still deep 39 years later, she never forgets. God bless dear brother.”

11 http://vfjuk.org.uk/tribute-to-the-lost-unborn/

12 http://www.abortionmemorial.com/

13 http://www.abortionmemorial.com/first-child-2/

JULY 2014

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