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On 19th January 2014 a number of people from across Manchester gathered for the launch of a year of prayer for the city in the building where we are based. The focus was on praying for the poor and needy. Image was profiled and prayed for alongside the other two organisations in the building.22

On Tuesday January 21 The Manchester Salon held a discussion on ‘Abortion: a choice for a woman or society.’  Speakers introducing the debate were Christine Fidler (CEO of image),  Ann Furedi (CEO of BPAS, the biggest abortion provider in UK) and Peter D Williams (Right to Life).  This was followed by a debate in the form of answers to points raised from the audience.  The debate may be viewed at http://www.imagenet.org.uk/debate.html .

The training course in Bedford came to a successful conclusion in January.  Please pray for the courses which started in London and Spain in February.23 We will be holding an away day for staff, volunteers and trustees at the end of March. These give us an opportunity to reflect, to plan and to pray together. Past away days have been of great benefit; please pray that this one will also be beneficial.

Image had been linked to the Care Confidential network  but following discussions it was decided, amicably, by both parties that this affiliation should now end.  

22 http://www.imagenet.org.uk/plm.html

23 http://www.imagenet.org.uk/training.html

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