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Outrage over decision not to prosecute doctors who permitted sex-selective abortions

It was reported in the July edition of imagenews that an investigation by the Care Quality Commission had found cases in 14 NHS trusts where abortions were being authorised on the signature of only one doctor; under the Abortion Act 1967, patients must acquire the signature of two independent doctors in order to ‘qualify’ for an abortion.   None of the doctors found to be practising in this manner was prosecuted and now outrage has occurred following the declaration that more doctors who had been offering terminations purely based on the sex of the baby will not be prosecuted either.     

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Australian doctor hits the headlines for refusing to perform an abortion, requested solely on the sex of the baby.

Ironically, the case of an Australian doctor who refused to authorise an abortion demanded solely on the sex of the baby has come to light as well.

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Belgium hits the euthanasia headlines again

Belgium is set to debate and vote upon the extension of its euthanasia laws to under-18s this week.  As reported in the July edition of image news, where it was reported the bill was being drawn up, there has been a 25% increase in Belgian euthanasia cases in 2012, compared to 2011.

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Euthanasia rates for Holland have also come under scrutiny

In a similar vein, the euthanasia or assisted suicide rates for Holland have come under the spotlight after it emerged an elderly lady was euthanised purely because she had bad eyesight. The lady concerned had been born with bad eyesight which had gradually deteriorated and her death is the first of its kind which cites blindness as the sole reason for euthanasia.  

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BBC accused of bias in its programme on assisted dying

In a story picked up by several national newspapers, Dr Peter Saunders, CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship and campaign director of Care Not Killing, has complained to the BBC after the treatment he received in relation to its coverage of assisted suicide.  Dr Saunders was originally approached to appear on a programme to provide a counter view to that of Lord Falconer, advocate for the introduction of assisted suicide into British law.  However, the programme eventually featured Lord Falconer unopposed.

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Debate on Abortion Imagery

An Abortion Debate was held in London on 3rd October, with the motion “This House believes that it is morally wrong for groups to approach women and display abortion imagery outside facilities which provide abortion services.”

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Fetal Abnormality, Abortion in Northern Ireland and more bias at the BBC.

The fact that fetal abnormality is not a ground for abortion under Northern Ireland law has recently caused headlines.  Sarah Ewart travelled from Northern Ireland to England for an abortion at 20 weeks having learned that the she was carrying a baby with anencephaly, a severe form of spina bifida, where there is a failure of proper formation of the brain. Those babies who survive to birth almost all die in the first hours or days after birth. There is no curative treatment available.

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Christmas in Bethlehem – Alec Motyer

Joseph was far from looking forward to that first Christmas Day. You see, he was engaged to this girl called Mary, and their Wedding Day was in sight when it became clear that Mary was pregnant - and suddenly his whole life fell apart.   Joseph was in a quandary.

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