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Discount abortion vouchers offered to women in Florida

A clinic in Orlando, Florida has hit the headlines recently for offering discount vouchers for abortions. Clearly targeting low-income women, the vouchers offer a $50 discount for abortions performed on Sundays and an extra $25 discount for “advanced IV sedation”.

Originally reported in the Daily Mail, the Orlando Womens’ Center is reported to have been shut down in June 2013, due to an unpaid $36million medical malpractice lawsuit which had been filed against the clinic’s main doctor, Dr James Pendergraft. The clinic re-opened in July 2013 with borrowed equipment, despite Dr Pendergraft’s license to practice being revoked for the fifth time in April this year because he performed an illegal third trimester abortion. He pleaded ignorance to the woman being in her third trimester and has been allowed to re-open the practice because he does not perform any procedures himself.

Pendergraft’s only comment so far has been “I’ve done nothing that I thought was inappropriate, illegal, immoral or wrong.”


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