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2012 UK abortion figures released

Official statistics for 2012 reveal that a record 37 per cent of all abortions performed in England and Wales last year were repeat procedures. The figures include more than 4,500 women who underwent at least four abortions, 1,334 on at least their fifth and 33 women who have terminated nine or more pregnancies.

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Ireland passes “Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act” into law

Irish President Michael D. Higgins has passed the controversially-titled “Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act” into law.  As reported in July’s image news, it will allow terminations to be carried out where there is a threat to the mother, or where there is medical consensus that the mother would take her own life over the pregnancy.

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Discount abortion vouchers offered to women in Florida

A clinic in Orlando, Florida has hit the headlines recently for offering discount vouchers for abortions. Clearly targeting low-income women, the vouchers offer a $50 discount for abortions performed on Sundays and an extra $25 discount for “advanced IV sedation”.

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Nicklinson and Lamb ruling welcomed, but with caution

 The Court of Appeal has upheld the High Court’s decision in the joint case brought by Paul Lamb and the family of Tony Nickinson, who died of natural causes in August 2012. Both men had sought court orders permitting doctors to end their lives without facing murder charges. Their challenge was unanimously dismissed by three Court of Appeal judges.

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Liverpool Care Pathway being phased out

The Liverpool Care Pathway  is to be phased out following a government-commissioned review which heard that hospital staff wrongly interpreted its guidance for care of the dying.  

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National Day of Prayer About Abortion

A National Day of Prayer about abortion is held each year on October 27, the anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act.  Please join Christians throughout the UK in prayer and encourage others to do so. More information is available at http://www.imagenet.org.uk/day_of_prayer.html and a prayer guide will be available from 12th September at http://www.imagenet.org.uk/prayerguide.html   See also the UCB prayer guide (pages  46,47  and daily prayer page 14) at http://issuu.com/ucbltd/docs/pft_aso_2013_issuu.

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Training Courses

Details and booking forms for the Manchester and London training courses for 2014 are now available.  Also there is exciting news of the training course being taken further afield.

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